How to be the best version of yourself?

In the ever-evolving quest for personal development and growth, individuals often seek guidance from those who have successfully navigated the complexities of life. One such inspirational figure is Priyanka Chopra Jonas, a global icon known for her achievements in the entertainment industry, activism, and philanthropy. In a recent revelation, Priyanka shared her insightful “12 Rules of becoming the best version of yourself,” offering a roadmap for anyone aspiring to reach their full potential.

As we delve into these rules, it’s essential to understand that the journey toward self-improvement is unique for each person. Priyanka’s rules serve as a valuable guide, drawing from her own experiences and lessons learned along the way. From embracing individuality to giving back to the community, Priyanka’s wisdom encapsulates the essence of personal growth. Let’s embark on this transformative journey, exploring each rule and uncovering the keys to unlocking the best version of ourselves.

Rule 1 – There’s only one you

Embracing the concept that there’s only one you lays the foundation for personal growth. Priyanka emphasizes the power of self-awareness, encouraging individuals to celebrate their strengths and accept their weaknesses. In a world that often urges conformity, embracing one’s uniqueness becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery. Understanding your individuality allows you to navigate life authentically, making choices aligned with your true self.

Rule 2 – Be Fearless

Priyanka’s second rule urges us to be fearless, challenging the notion that fear should be a barrier to personal growth. She advocates for stepping out of our comfort zones and taking risks. Fear, in her perspective, should not hinder progress but rather be a catalyst for courageous action. Personal anecdotes from Priyanka’s life illuminate the transformative power of fearlessness and the doors it opens on the path to self-improvement.

Rule 3 – If you have never arrived enough to explore new opportunities

The third rule underscores the mindset of continuous learning and exploration. Priyanka encourages individuals to view life as a journey without a final destination, fostering a perpetual sense of curiosity and openness to new opportunities. This rule challenges the notion of complacency, urging us to embrace a mindset of perpetual growth and evolution.

Rule 4 – Be greedy, be greedy for your ambitions. Be hungry for it.

Priyanka’s fourth rule places emphasis on ambition and hunger for success. By encouraging individuals to be “greedy” for their ambitions, she highlights the importance of setting lofty goals and pursuing them with vigor. The rule advocates for maintaining a relentless hunger for success and personal fulfillment, instilling a drive that propels individuals toward their aspirations.

Rule 5 – Do not compromise, Do not settle on your dreams

Priyanka’s fifth rule serves as a rallying cry against settling for mediocrity. In a world where compromise might seem like an easy way out, Priyanka urges individuals not to compromise on their dreams. This rule echoes the sentiment that dreams are worth the pursuit, even in the face of challenges. Priyanka’s life story exemplifies the resilience needed to overcome obstacles and the determination required to stay true to one’s aspirations.

Rule 6 – Fail, fail, fail again and then rise like a phoenix

Acknowledging failure as an inevitable part of the journey, Priyanka’s sixth rule encourages individuals to embrace failures and rise like a phoenix from the ashes. This resilience-focused perspective on failure is a powerful reminder that setbacks are not roadblocks but stepping stones toward success. Priyanka’s own experiences with failure underscore the transformative nature of learning from setbacks and using them as catalysts for personal growth.

Rule 7 – Be bold and take this risk

Bold decision-making is the crux of Priyanka’s seventh rule. This rule challenges individuals to make decisions that may seem daunting but have the potential to lead to significant personal and professional growth. By advocating for boldness, Priyanka reinforces the idea that calculated risks are often necessary for unlocking new opportunities and pushing boundaries.

Rule 8 – Surround yourself with the right people

The power of the company we keep is the essence of Priyanka’s eighth rule. Building a supportive network and community is crucial for personal development. This rule emphasizes the impact that positive relationships can have on an individual’s journey. Priyanka’s advice serves as a reminder to choose connections that uplift, inspire, and contribute to the overall well-being on the path to becoming the best version of oneself.

Rule 9 – You can never please everyone all the time

In a world where external validation often dictates actions, Priyanka’s ninth rule provides a refreshing perspective. It acknowledges the futility of trying to please everyone and encourages individuals to prioritize self-approval over external opinions. This rule serves as a guide to navigate the challenges of criticism and judgment, empowering individuals to stay true to their convictions and personal values.

Rule 10 – Don’t take yourself too seriously

Priyanka’s tenth rule injects a dose of light-hearted wisdom into the journey of personal growth. By advising individuals not to take themselves too seriously, she underscores the importance of humor, humility, and a sense of playfulness. Balancing seriousness with a light-hearted approach can alleviate the pressures of self-improvement, making the journey more enjoyable and sustainable. This rule encourages individuals to find joy in the process, fostering a positive mindset as they strive to become the best version of themselves.

Rule 11 – Give back

A significant pillar of Priyanka’s philosophy is encapsulated in her eleventh rule – giving back. Beyond personal success, she emphasizes the importance of contributing to the community and society. This rule serves as a reminder that true fulfillment comes not only from personal achievements but also from making a positive impact on the lives of others. Priyanka’s own philanthropic endeavors stand as a testament to the transformative power of giving back.

Rule 12 – Don’t ever forget your roots and where you came from

In a world characterized by constant change, Priyanka’s twelfth rule anchors individuals to their roots. This rule highlights the significance of staying connected to one’s origin and cultural heritage. Understanding and appreciating one’s roots contribute to a sense of identity, providing a stable foundation for personal growth. Priyanka’s emphasis on this rule serves as a reminder that, amidst evolution, acknowledging and honoring one’s roots is essential for a holistic and grounded approach to self-improvement.


As we navigate through Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s twelve rules for becoming the best version of oneself, we find a holistic philosophy that transcends individual principles. Each rule contributes to a comprehensive guide for personal growth, emphasizing the importance of embracing individuality, overcoming fear, continuous learning, and unyielding ambition. Priyanka’s life experiences and success stories serve as living proof of the transformative power of these rules.

In conclusion, the journey toward self-improvement is not a linear path but a dynamic process that requires resilience, courage, and a commitment to personal authenticity. Priyanka’s rules offer not only guidance but a mindset – a way of approaching life with intention and purpose. As you reflect on these rules, consider how each principle resonates with your own journey and aspirations. The pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself is a lifelong endeavor, and with the wisdom shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas, you have a compass to navigate this transformative odyssey. May you embrace these rules, integrate them into your life, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

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